Company Profile

By focusing on current transducers we can produce the best quality, price, and technical support. 

Raztec Sensors was formed in 1992 and has been designing, manufacturing and supplying Hall Effect current transducers to some of the worlds most critical and demanding users. Over the past twenty-five years many millions of our current transducers have been designed into failure intolerant applications where Raztec’s refusal to accept anything other than the very highest standard of manufacturing excellence has resulted in a reputation that is the envy of companies significantly larger and more well known.

" It has been estimated that within the USA metropolitan areas, you are never more than 2 miles away from a Raztec Hall Effect current transducer! "

Quality is paramount in all of our activities. We are a ISO 9001 certified company, this provides our customers with the satisfaction of knowing that they will receive quality and consistency in all of their transactions with Raztec Sensors.

Our Quality Policy:

Raztec (NZ) Ltd will at all times use innovative means to strive to achieve customer satisfaction by meeting their reasonable requirements. To provide a demonstration of this objective, the Company complies with the ISO 9001 requirements and is committed to maintaining and enhancing the standard required to maintain certification.

Here at Raztec Sensors we are recognized for our ability to provide top-quality performance at a very effective market price. Working with clients such as Dunkermotoren, Siemens, Techna-Tool, Metropolitan Pumps, Dynamic Controls, Wrightspeed, Honeywell, . . . has provided us the opportunity to engineer solutions that are specific to our clients’ application. This results in a current transducer that provide exactly the output required for perfect control of the application at the most competitive price possible.

These are some of the companies world-wide that rely upon Raztec's quality products.

Techna-Tool, Inc




Dynamic Controls

Honeywell Sensing & Control

Functional Devices


Invacare, Inc

Quantum Controls

Cita Technologies

Metropoplitan Industries, Inc