New Allegro Sensors Extend Raztec Product Capabilities


Raztec's Product Capabilities Extended With New Allegro MicroSystems Programmable Hall Effect Current Sensor IC

A new range of programmable linear Hall Effect Sensor ICs with advanced temperature compensation and high bandwidth from Allegro MicroSystems have allowed Raztec to offer previously unheard of performance from their open-loop current transducers.

The Allegro A1363 programmable linear Hall-effect current sensor IC has been designed to achieve high accuracy and resolution without compromising bandwidth. The goal is achieved through new proprietary linearly interpolated temperature compensation technology that is programmed at the Allegro factory and provides sensitivity and offset that are virtually flat across the full operating temperature range. Temperature compensation is done in the digital domain with integrated EEPROM technology, without sacrificing the analog signal path 120 kHz bandwidth, making this device ideal for HEV inverter and DC-to-DC converter applications.

Some of the advantages these new sensors offer are listed below:

  • Proprietary segmented linear interpolated temperature compensation (TC) technology provides a typical accuracy of 1% across the full operating temperature range
  • High resolution offset and sensitivity trim
  • Factory programmed sensitivity and quiescent output voltage TC with extremely stable temperature performance
  • High sensitivity Hall element for maximum accuracy
  • Extremely low noise and high resolution achieved via proprietary Hall element and low noise amplifier circuits
  • 120 kHz nominal bandwidth achieved via proprietary packaging and chopper stabilization techniques
  • Patented circuits suppress IC output spiking during fast current step inputs
  • Open circuit detection on ground pin (broken wire)
  • Undervoltage lockout for VCC below specification
  • Selectable sensitivity ranges
  • Ratiometric sensitivity, quiescent voltage output, and clamps for interfacing with application A-to-D converter (ADC)
  • Precise recoverability after temperature cycling
  • Output voltage clamps provide short circuit diagnostic capabilities
  • Wide ambient temperature range: –40°C to 150°C
  • Immune to mechanical stress

More information on these sensors can be found here:

For further information on these great new sensors and how you can have them integrated into a customised current transducer, please contact Raztec so we can find a solution to best suit your current sensing needs.