What is a Current Transducer?

A current transducer - often termed a current sensor is an electronic device which is designed to measure the current flowing in a circuit and output the value of that current as a voltage signal. 

Raztec current transducers utilize the effect that whenever a current flows it produces a magnetic field which has a strength proportional to the current flowing. A Hall effect magnetic field sensor placed within the current transducer senses the strength of the magnetic field so effectively outputs a signal in proportion to the current flowing. The performance of these current transducers is improved if the magnetic field surrounding the current carrying conductor is trapped in a ferrite magnetic circuit in which the magnetic field sensor is imbedded.

This structure is common to all Hall effect current transducers

When it is necessary to measure low (<10A) currents, the strength of the magnetic field and hence the sensor output can be increased by passing the current carrying conductor through the ferrite loop several times. Within limits of saturation, the output becomes proportional to the number of ampere-turns based on the number of times the conductor passes through the core opening (looped for >1 turn).

The concept of "turns" applied to current transducers


These are some of the manufacturers that supply us with Hall Effect Current Sensor ICs to incorporate into our products.

Allegro Microsystems

Allegro MicroSystems LLC

Honeywell Sensing & Control

Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation